Doktor James' Super Evil Klasses

I am really really evil and I can teach you to be too! Here are all the places you can come to learn how to be evil with me.


Doktor James' Akademy of Evil

Doktor James is sick of living at home and not being taken seriously as a super villain. He is really really really mean and he just wants people to appreciate it. 

The thing is, he needs some help. 

Join Doktor James (JAMES BENNISON - IYAF Brighton Fringe Stand Up Comedy Award 2015) and his minion Timion (TIMOTHY GOOSE - We are Goose) as they explain how to become super villains, introduce you to some of their friends (and enemies!) and challenge the audience through interactive games and activities to power a deadly doomsday device that could destroy the whole world! 

Prepare for an anarchic and very silly hour of deadly fun including robots, beards, cakes, dancing and at least 3 songs! 

"You’ll leave wanting to take over the world" ★★★★ Fest Mag
"I can highly recommend this show..." Child Friendly Brighton
"...the best of the Fringe" Primary Times 

Doktor James' Bad Skemes

Its official. The results are in and Doktor James is the worst Supervillain in the world. And not worst as in "most evil" worst as in "rubbish".
Its time to show his identical twin brother/superhero James-Man who's boss! 
Its time to show his rival Doktor Jane who the baddest Supervillain in town really is.
But the thing is, he needs your help.
Doktor James is about to unleash his baddest schemes to date.
And by "baddest" he means "most evil" 
Not "the rubbishest"

Premiering at The VAULT Festival - 17th - 18th February - 13:40 - Tickets here

BRIGHTON FRINGE - 26th May - 3rd June - 14:25 - Tickets here

EDINBURGH FRINGE - 3rd August - 26th August (not Wednesdays) - 13:20 - Tickets here

Keep your eyes peeled for further dates!

Doktor James' Kristmas Karol

T'was the night before Christmas, a plan was unfurled
To help Doktor James to take over the world
With his minion's help, and through some fun games
His mother and twin would respect Doktor James

So James invited the naughtiest kids
To see his inventions and all that they did
A Christmas performance with no Christmas in

Just gadgets, and minions, and lairs and stealing


But things will not go to plan I am guessing
And Doktor James might learn a Christmas lesson
Tonight he'll be visited by three Christmas  ghosts  guests
To help James and Tim create a Christmas mess


Doktor James is a villain with genius crimes
Timion don't write this in Christmassy rhymes!

"Family entertainment at its finest." ★★★★★ Broadway Baby