Doktor James' Super Fun Parties

When I was little I never got invited to parties, even my own. So I have decided to hire out Timion and myself to make your party extra extra fun!

Have you got a birthday? A wedding? A funeral? A bar mitzvah? A first date? An anniversary? A Mother's Day celebration? Valentines Day party? Easter Monday party? Pancake Day party? Whitsun party? Graduation party? Just found £100 in your wallet and don't know what to do with it party? Just failed to take over the world and need some friends to cheer you up party? Hurt your foot and can't escape the house party? Want to play a horrible prank on your friend who you know hates Super Villains party?

Well simply fill out the form below and one of my minions will be back to you very soon with more information as soon as possible.

And you have my guarantee that I promise I will try my hardest to not destroy your house.